Learn why our customers are extremely happy with the work Bulldog Drilling does for them.

“We truly appreciate the hard work you and the crew (Jimmy Dittmaier, Danny Gotto, Joey Brown, and Charlie Jones) put forth (on the site). I am certain we will work together in the near future.”

“A great pleasure working with your crew (John Gates and Cody Clines) and thanks for (the) professionalism in completing the project.”

“I REALLY appreciate your team’s responsiveness to our time sensitive project! Our client is extremely happy with our quick turnaround and quality of information that we provided to them. Jimmy (Dittmaier) and Joshua (Edwards) were both very knowledgeable, easy to work with and as good of a drill-CPT crew as I have worked with.”

“Your guys (Matt Cooper and Cody Clines) did great. Thanks again for the help on short notice.”

“Thank you, very much! Speaking on behalf of our project team, please know how thankful we are to you and all of the crews who’ve dedicated themselves to making drilling this year at (the site) safe, productive, and sometimes enjoyable. Everyone here most certainly wishes each of you and everyone at Bulldog Drilling the very best this Holiday season.”

“On/Off/On/Off – I wish they would make up their damn minds. Thank you for your help in trying to get this rolling. Talk to you soon.”