AMS Power Probe 9500-VTR Rubber Track Mounted Rig
CME-55LC Rubber Track Mounted Rig
CME-550X All Terrain Drill Rig
CME-750X All Terrain Drill Rig
CME-75 Truck Mounted Rig


AMS Power Probe 9500-VTR Rubber Track Mounted Rig


The 9500-VTR drill offers our crews enormous versatility to serve our clients’ varied needs. It drives direct-push tooling to greater depths, installs shallow ground water monitoring wells, and pushes CPT equipment at the manufacturers specified push rate.

Specifications include:

  • 205 ft./lbs. hydraulic hammer operating at 2,200 beats per minute
  • Equipped with a 3,400 ft./lbs. auger power head
  • Special CPT testing valve
  • 4 psi ground bearing pressure


CME-55LC Track Mounted Rig


The CME-55LC track mounted drill allows us to access even the most difficult drilling sites safely and reliably. Its low clearance, rubber track, and remote control capabilities allow us to drill in challenging and delicate environments such as under service station canopies, bridges, or other overhead restrictions.

Specifications include:

  • 11 feet, 11 inch overall working height
  • Safe drilling on hills, sand, mud, and snow
  • Rubber tracks prevent most pavement or turf damage
  • Capable of easily converting to direct-push sampling


CME-550X All Terrain Drill Rig


The CME-550X high flotation drill lets our crew negotiate mud, snow, sand, and rocks with less damage to the terrain than a conventional truck mounted drill. With a low center of gravity and high ground clearance, it safely traverses over difficult terrain. The drills planetary front and rear axles, no-spin differentials, and aggressive
all-terrain tires make it suitable for off road capabilities.

Specifications include:

  • 9 psi ground bearing pressure
  • 160 gallons on board water capacity
  • 28,275 lbs. hydraulic retract force
  • 11,300 lbs./ft. rotary drive torque


CME-750X All Terrain Drill Rig

The CME-750X all terrain drill gives us the power and versatility to tackle almost any job. Low ground bearing pressure, 48-inch diameter tires, and a front axle disconnect, provide additional ground contact and offer protection to our clients’ project sites.

Specifications include:

  • 22 inch ground clearance
  • 10 psi ground bearing pressure
  • 220 gallons on board water capacity
  • 30,000 lbs. hydraulic retract force
  • 12,950 lbs./ft. rotary drive torque


CME-75 Truck Mounted Rig

The CME-75 truck mounted rig is the industry standard auger rig providing 12,000 lbs./ft. of torque and high rotation speeds over 740rpm for rotary or core drill applications. With 5 forward gears and reverse, the drill allows a rotation speed and torque combination for any situation.

Specifications include:

  • Angle drilling up to 45 degrees off verticle
  • Turn up to 14” OD hollow stem augers
  • Sets wells up to 10” diameter
  • Reaches depths of 200 feet
  • 140 lbs. calibrated automatic sampling hammer