Case Studies

Deep Borings and Monitoring Wells

Monitoring Well Installation

Location: St. Louis, MO

Services: soil and rock borings, monitoring wells

Overview: Bulldog Drilling completed a complex project at an industrial facility utilizing hollow stem augers and mud rotary drills to collect split spoon samples continuously to a depth of 130-140 feet BGS. Wireline rock coring equipment was used to retrieve rock cores to the termination depth of approximately 190 feet BGS. Video logging was required to help with subsequent packer testing. Installing the monitoring well completed the project.

Thermal Remediation Treatment Drilling


Client: McMillian-McGee Corporation-US Operations

Services: thermal remediation treatment drilling

Overview: Bulldog Drilling, Inc. was selected by McMillan-McGee Corporation-US Operations to provide drilling services for a thermal treatment project requiring installation of electrode, SVE extraction wells (both deep and shallow), steam injection spears, and temperature sensor points. The project required the use of 4 drill rigs and over 3,500 bags of sand. Despite harsh winter weather, temperamental equipment issues, and differing geological conditions our crew completed the project in just 11 weeks.

Levee Recertification

CaseStLg-LeveeLocation: Southwestern Illinois

Services: mud rotary drilling

Overview: Bulldog Drilling crews worked on the Southwestern Illinois levee project during the winter of 2009. This project required 2 drill rigs to drill at over 100 locations along the Mississippi levee system. The boring ranged in depth from 35- 150 feet below ground surface. Due to geological conditions, mud rotary drilling was required to complete the borings. All borings were tremie grouted to the surface upon completion.

Mass Well Installation

Location: Illinois

Services: monitoring well installation

Overview: Bulldog Drilling crews provided well installation services in a small town in Illinois. The project included installing more than 300 wells and identifying the extent of gasoline contamination beneath the village. The wells consisted of groundwater monitoring wells, vapor monitoring points, vapor extraction wells, and groundwater recovery wells.

Angled Drilling

Services: angled drilling adjacent to impoundment

Overview: Bulldog Drilling crews drilled at an angle to get under a pond at a Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulated site. The lysimeters were drilled at an angle of 50 degrees off vertical with 2 lysimeters installed in each borehole. All boreholes were continuously sampled to a depth of 60-70 feet prior to installation of the instruments.

Remote Drilling Challenges

Location: near Benton, IL (8 miles from any hard road)

Client: Canadian National Illinois Central Railroad

Services: soil borings

Overview: Bulldog Drilling crews drilled soil borings to depths of 65-75 feet with 10 feet of rock coring. Since the location was remote, the project required modification of our CME-75. The drill rig was fitted with rail wheels to allow access to remote railroad bridges. The project was completed successfully with all borings cement grouted.

Rock Quarry Expansion

Services: rock coring, monitoring wells

Overview: Bulldog Drilling drilled rock quarry expansion borings that required continuous rock coring from the surface to a depth of 400 feet. Packer testing and the installation of nested groundwater monitoring wells to a depth of 380 feet below ground surface were required to complete the project.