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Bulldog Donates Drilling Services

On March 30th, 2015 Bulldog arrived at the site of the proposed new facility for the  Helping Strays of Monroe County, a not for profit rescue group. Our services were donated because of  BDI’s involvement through it’s owner, Sherri Marlo. She is an active volunteer that supports this organization due to it’s no-kill policy of strays.

Taking in between 350 and 400 companion pets every year, Helping Strays is the only rescue organization in Monroe County. Helping Strays is not affiliated with any other organization and receives no public funding. Their only funds come from corporate and individual donations so it was only natural that our company perform this service at no charge as a donation to support their need for this new building.

The current leased building lacks any type of drainage in the kennel areas, so adequate cleaning and disinfection is problematic. Additionally, water is supplied from a cistern which must be filled weekly. No space exists to physically separate new animals for a quarantine period, much less isolate and treat one if it becomes ill. The shelter must be closed to both new pets and adoptions when an outbreak of a contagious illness occurs. This prevents us from rescuing animals for periods of 1 to 3 weeks at a time. With only a small concrete turnout our dogs have no real room to exercise and socialize. Because the building has limited space most of the cats are housed in tiny cages and during kitten season, temporary cages must be set up in the hallway.

The new facility will provide clean, well drained, comfortable housing for 29 adoption-ready adult dogs, more than twice the number they can now house. A large, astroturfed play area will provide space for dogs to run for that tennis ball and cats will have a spacious open area where they can show their true personalities. In the new facility, they will be able to provide separate quarantine spaces for dogs and for cats. Animals arriving at our facility from animal control may be harboring contagious diseases which we don’t want to pass to our adoptable animals.

Bulldog Drilling is thrilled to a part of this exciting project that will make such a difference in the lives of so many animals. If you are interested in more information about Helping Strays,check out their web site at helpingstrays.org.


Bulldog Employee Celebrates Anniversary

Jimmy Dittmaier recently celebrated his 8 year anniversary with Bulldog. He started with Terra Drill as a Drill Rig Assistant but with a lot of mentoring and hands on training under John Gates, he has developed into a skilled rig operator. He is a great source of pride to all of us in his accomplishments and longevity with the company. If Jimmy is drilling a project for you in the near future congratulate him on his anniversary!